Baum Farm terms and conditions of our hay sales

In general there is no warrantee impressed or implied as soon as our hay leaves the farm.  We will not take back any hay for any reason after it’s purchased and leaves our farm.  After it leaves our farm it is your hay to do as you wish.   It is up to the purchaser of our hay to determine if our hay is suitable for your livestock.  Purchasers of hay have many different opinions as to the quality of hay and what is best for their livestock.  The reason for this policy is that we can not control how our hay quality is perceived and how our hay is handled or stored after it leaves the farm.  Another issue is that hay is a commodity that is very bulky relative to its low cost and we do not have the resources to recover any losses due to shipping hay either to the purchaser or back to Baum Farm. 

As purchaser of hay you have many suppliers to choose from. Hopefully when you purchase Baum Farm hay you are satisfied with your hay purchase and will return to purchase more hay.  If you are not satisfied with our hay, the purchase conditions, and or warrantee then you are free to find another hay supplier.

Here is our guarantee:

All the hay we sell is grown on our fields either owned or rented.  All of our fields are certified organic and we maintain the fields in accordance with USDA organic requirements.  We harvest our hay at the optimum time that provides the best balance between nutrition and yield except when weather interferes with this timeframe. We dry the hay and test the moisture before baling and during baling.  We package the hay into a well compressed bale set to 34-38 inches long.  To the best of our ability, the hay fields are clean and free of foreign material including insects and so are our bales.  We strive to produce a quality product. 

Details of our warrantee:

1.    We do not return, replace or refund any money for our hay.  When you purchase our hay and it leaves the farm, it is your hay.

2.    The hay belongs to the purchaser as soon as it leaves our farm with no warrantee impressed or implied.  Please inspect the hay before it leaves the farm.  We can do moisture inspections of the bales prior to it leaving.  You are welcome to inspect the bales and take some apart as long as you purchase the bales.  Any bad bales found during inspection, you are not required to pay for.

3.    In the case of our semi loads; when the semi leaves the farm it is the purchasers hay.  Any damage that occurs to the hay during transport is between the trucker and purchaser.  Baum Farm does not replace any hay for any trucking damage. Baum Farm does not share in the trucking responsibility and you are welcome to use any carrier that you would like.  Baum Farm only arranges semi loads deliveries using our suppliers for the convenience of purchaser.  We use trucking suppliers that have demonstrated repeated good performance to date but we make no guarantee of their repeated good performance in the future. You are welcome to inspect the hay before is goes into the semi and approve it, but after it leaves the farm the hay is yours.  If you don’t like the hay when it arrives it is still your hay to do as you wish but it will not be returned or replaced.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know the quality of the hay before it ships.  Because of this policy all hay shipped by semi is prepaid.

4.    In the case where Baum Farm delivers the hay to the purchaser the hay belongs to the purchaser as soon as the hay is taken off the delivery truck.

5.    Hay quality will not be determined by Baum Farm, it is up to the purchaser to determine if our hay meets your quality requirements for your livestock.  If the purchaser does not like the quality of our hay you are not required to purchase it but if you do it is your hay.

6.    Baum Farm makes no indication as to what a hay analysis might test on a specific lot of hay.  We can provide a sample hay analysis for $35 a test.

7.    Baum Farm has no liability for any health issues of your livestock due to our hay.

8.    Baum Farm makes no claim that our bales are free of foreign matter and has no liability for any foreign matter that may be in the hay.

9.    Baum Farm makes no other claims in our timothy and alfalfa hay as to content or any other grasses, legumes and weeds that are in the hay.

10.    Baum Farm makes no claims that our hay is free of any mold.

11.     Baum Farm makes no claims that the bales will be free of any insects.

12.    Baum Farm makes no guarantee as the bale shape, size, and number of strings. It is up to purchaser to inspect prior to purchase.