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Organic hay pricing 2014

The following hay prices are at our Barn in Canaan, Vermont.  We are in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont 1.25 miles from the town of Colebrook, NH.   You can pick up hay at the farm or we can deliver.  If you pick-up we will help you load and get on your way at no charge.  It is best to call or email before you come to make sure we will be there and that we have the hay you need.  If you can't pick-up call for a delivery cost.  Contact Us

Note; Our hay bales are heavier than most due to them being  well compressed and 36 inches long. The length and compression is a requirement of the bale wagon (see hay making page 3).  Our bale weight is approximately 35-45lbs/bale.  Our prices per bale are higher due to the longer bale.  Other hay dealers sell kicker bales which are typically 20 percent less hay, which should be 80 percent of our prices.    


Organic  hay prices 2014

First cut Timothy hay…....………………..$ Call for latest hay price/bale

Second cut Timothy hay....………………. $ 
Call for latest hay price /bale

There is handling charge of $.25 a bale for loading bales for  delivery.   This charge is to cover the cost of hiring extra help to load the semi truck and truck and trailer.  If the hay is purchased at the barn there is no handling charge.


 (Total cost for shipping hay)

If you are unable to pick up hay at the farm we will gladly ship the hay.  See our shipping page for more details.  Here is how the shipment is calculted.  There is 2 costs that make up your shipment:

1. Cost of the bale: X  # of bales =XXXX 
2. Cost of shipping by one of three methods of shipping =XXXX
3. A handling charge for each bale loaded # of bales X .25=XXXX

The total will be the sum of these items, we need to paid either before delivery or
at the delivery drop off.  If you do need shipping we can arrange shipping see our shipping page:

Shipping page