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Raw Milk Information

Raw milk is milk directly from the cow without any processing or pasteurization.  Some people today think that raw milk is dangerous.  This myth has been promoted by the dairy industry and government agriculture community. We have to remember that for over 4,000 years, man has drank raw milk even before we had improved processing systems such as stainless pipes, bulk tanks and refrigeration. If raw milk was as dangerous as they tell us our civilization would have died off years ago.  Pasteurized milk has only been here since 1930's.   I know in New England I can not find anyone who has ever died of raw milk but I know of 3 persons that died of pasteurized milk  in 2008 near Boston.  According to the CDC there less than 1 % of all food borne illiness are due to milk both pasurized and raw.   

Today many people are discovering the health benefits of raw milk and are seeking out it sources.  I personally believe in the benefits of raw milk since I have witnessed them first hand.  Raw milk is also a natural Probiotic.  Now the food industries is finding the same thing and  putting good bacteria in food products and promising digestive benefits.  Raw milk naturally will do the same plus more. 

Other benefits of raw milk besides the health benefits are the economic benefits to the farmer and a local food sources for the community.  The small dairy farms have been disappearing from this country at an alarming rate due to one primary reason, money or the lack of it.  By supporting you local dairy you provide the farmer a means to make a profits and to continue to maintain a viable rural economy.  

Health benefits for Raw milk

If there are individuals out there that are suffering from Eczema they need to look into the benefits of raw milk.  I have personally witness the healing of eczema the the consumption of raw milk.  I don't understand why none one has researched this phenomena.  

Also if you suffer from allergies you need to consider raw milk.  
I have families drinking raw milk that have completely eliminate the use of allergy medication by drinking raw milk.

Stomach and digestive problems can be greatly helped by raw milk.

I truly believe that a person weight can be controlled by drinking raw milk.  I am not sure how this works but I feel that raw milk provides a complete nutritional diet which stop a person for over eating food that are not healthily and the quantity of food is reduced resulting in a loss of weight.  

Muscle aches and pain are definitely reduced when you drink raw milk.  I am 58 years old and have to lift hundreds of 40 to 50 lbs bales when we do hay and the next day I find no pain or aches from this exertion.  

The medical community needs to determine why raw milk has these benefits.  

A1 verse A2 Milk
There is some new research out about milk.  They have identified that there are two types of milk called A1 and A2.  They have identified the difference in the milk in the beta casein protein of the milk.  They are finding that milk that comes from A1 type cows leads to higher incidents of heart disease, Autism and diabetes.  In the type A2 milk they are not finding these type of problems.  Note human breast milk, goat and sheep milk is all type A2 milk.  Type A2 milk is from the older diary breeds like Jersey which is the type of cow we have. We are breeding all of our cows to A2/A2 certified bulls from New Zealand guaranteeing that our new of spring are A2/A2 cows. We have only A2 type cows all registered Jerseys.  In New Zealand and Austria this is become a big health concern but this information is not being circulated in the US due to the fact that nearly all dairy processed milk in the US comes from type A1 Holstein cows. See the links for more information on A1 verse A2 milk. 

Reference Books:  The Milk Book by William Campbell Douglass II, MD
                            The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid, ND