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hipping Cost

We are be keeping our shipping prices the same as 2011. We like to keep our shipping cost as low as possible based on actual fuel and labor cost.  Cost for semi shipping is the actual shipping charges only.  We have added a handling charge to cover the cost of hiring extra help to load the trucks. We make our money on the hay not on the shipping, that is why we encourage you to pick up the hay if possible, but we realize that some of our customer don’t have the time or the equipment to make this happen so we are glad to provide this shipping service.   

We have three ways of shipping hay:

1.    A dump truck load of 100 bales up to 150 miles or less.
2.    A dump truck and trailer load of 278 bales, up to 150 miles or less.
3.    Semi tractor-trailer load 450-600 bales anywhere in the USA.

Shipping cost is based on the mileage from Colebrook, NH to your facility.  Use Mapquest to estimate this mileage to your facility: Map Quest distance to your facility

Method 1 charges are  $2.75/loaded mile-

Method 2 charges are  $3.00/ loaded mile-

Method 3 charges are an estimate at $5.00-6.00/loaded mile but; this can be lower or higher based on actual shipping quote, typically the longer the distance the lower the cost per mile.  Diesel fuel having a major impact on shipping costs.

We will make a call to verify the actual time in transport because we expect you will have the manpower available to unload.  The driver will assist in the unloading but if we unload will charge an additional .50/bale.  

Excell hay shipping cost calculator- order form