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Last updated : 3/14/15

Baum Farm has operated a raw milk dairy for 6 years.  The plans now are to close the raw milk dairy in June 2015 and  become an organic dairy shipping all of our milk to Organic Valley.  We will continue to be open as a raw milk dairy  till June 2015.  After June 2015 we will be closed to the public and ship all of our milk to Organic Valley.  

The reasons we are switching to a shipping dairy verses continuing as a raw milk dairy are several.  One reason is our herd of Jerseys has continued to grow but our customer base has not kepted up.  A small dairy can not compete with large conventional dairies in the price for milk therefore our prices had to be higher and that limited our market. Vermont raw milk laws are very restricted; they do not allow any sales off the farm, require additional herd testing that is expensive and unnessary, and do not allow any processing of the milk help increase sales.  Also our farm insurance for liability of raw milk sales has become very expensive.

 So come out and try some real milk, the best tasting you have evey had until we close our doors.  Also get to see cows that get to go outside not like the cows on conventional dairies.  The milk from our cows is  nutritious, unprocessed, and naturally Probionic.  The quality of the milk, the health of the cows, pleasurable service to our customers and a profit for the farm is the objective of our dairy.  We bottle our milk in 1/2 gallon Mason jars  ready for your pickup.  The milk cost is  $4.00 per half gallon.  There is a $2.00 deposit for the Mason jar.  When you come again you just return the old jar and just pay for the milk.  Come by the farm see the cows and pick up some great milk.  

We welcome farm tours to see our cows and the farm.  During the farm tour we should you our facilities but most important is to show you the cows.  We like to talk about how we take care of our cows.  We show you our milking facility and how we milk the cows.  We are open to any questions about the cows and our facility.  It is great learning experience for adults and children.  During the summer months the cow are nearly alway outside we can walk up to them and show you them in thier natural environment which is grazing outside.  

Stop in and visit with the cows and see our farm.  

See a YouTube video of the Cow grazing: YouTube link

Farm activities to date:
1. Pictures of the cows.
Picture of the herd grazing #1
herd 1
Ruby (boss cow)
Violet - Holly's baby sired by Vindication a Canadian bull
Diamond is Rhubarb's new heifer, sired by a top jersey Danish bull

Barn picture
New barn picture